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Contemporary Patio Home

Joanne G. -


"Stated simply—the service, quality and results that OnPoint delivered on my extensive remodel exceeded my expectations. The staff is highly professional and competent, they did things on time, always kept me informed regarding what would be happening next, stuck to my budget, were neat and really importantly, were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them without hesitation. I was highly impressed with how they do business and how they delivered. It is a superb organization."

Warren S. -


"They did a great job on my pergola in the back yard. 500 square feet of pergola and 200 more of patio. There was excellent supervision by the staff of On Point. They were also able to adapt very well to changes that came up during the construction."

Ben C. -

New Home Construction

"I was extremely impressed with On Point throughout the entire process. Throughout much of the construction process, I was working and living in London – thousands of miles away from the Construction Site In Houston. On Point took an innovative approach to ensure that I remained engaged through the construction project – this greatly improved my confidence in your company….

I feel that On Point demonstrated a genuine commitment to me and my project. The On Point team took the time to understand my objectives and aligned their activity to meet them. Communication was consistently excellent – even though my schedule meant that many discussions took place at odd hours. In the end, I was pleased that On Point delivered a quality product on-time and on-budget."

Lynda T. -

New Home Construction

"John worked with me to make this [home building] dream a reality. We were able to customize the house to meet my every need, while holding up to a workable budget. John guided me through decisions I had to make with subcontractors and helped me make selections for everything from energy efficient appliances, to finishes, to the latest in security systems and audio/video.

When my wants exceeded my budget, they worked with me to find something that would be more in line. When I heard about something I wanted to try, they fully researched it and came to me with choices and solutions. When money got tight, they worked with me by putting off certain decisions until later when it was easier for me to fund them.

Since moving in on Thanksgiving Day, 2007, John and On Point Custom Homes have responded to my every need. They have honored every commitment and exceeded my every expectation. I have built and remodeled homes over the years, but this by far was the most positive experience."

Michael H. -

New Home Construction

"The house itself is absolutely gorgeous and unique. No other home had such unique touches. It is so much more than four walls.

Although it is a large home (5000+ sq.ft.) it is designed in such a way that it still feels cozy. This home is truly a work of art, everyone who comes to visit says they have never seen a home quite like it. The architect and designers took their time with this home and really spent time thinking about making it comfortable and easy for whoever will live in it. That is something that most of the homebuilders in the area are just not doing to this degree. In some homes you see all the effort going into the kitchen and master bathroom and then you notice the other bathrooms and bedrooms seem to get the “poor relative” treatment by comparison. That is not the case here, there is equal thought into the fixtures and design of all spaces, which really gives a great feel of uniformity and coherence to the home.

After closing. I was very pleasantly surprised with just how good the attention is. I am able to call or email and get same day, usually within the hour response back, and often immediate response to questions and then getting things scheduled. I can happily say that I have never received better, quicker, friendlier nor more polite service than I have from Onpoint. Some companies will try and tell you that “that is just how it is”, but Onpoint goes the extra mile to listen, figure it out and fix it.

I would without any hesitation recommend this builder not only for the artfulness and thoughtfulness of their designs but equally for their outstanding, yes outstanding customer focus. Onpoint knows its business and deserves all the success for caring and catering to its customers and adding some art and imagination to Houston’s landscape.

Thank you for making our dreams a reality!!"