All I see in Houston is one story ranch style houses, are there any modern inner city Patio Homes?

There are a great number of different styles and architectural design options in the Houston modern patio homes on the market today. Some are two story, some offer high, unique ceilings, while others offer incredible open design options. These luxury homes, many which are designed specifically for the Houston modern patio home styles, offer the most variety when it comes to both interior and exterior style options.

Many builders specializing in Houston modern patio homes will provide the option for the buyer to work with the builder to customize the patio home. This typically means meeting from the ground up and allowing the Buyer to make selections from the start to finish. While the exterior design will be largely pre-set, there are often variations that can be provided to meet the buyer’s specifications. The interior design is typically the most flexible, and buyers will enjoy the sleek selections available in today’s Houston patio home market. On Point Custom Homes prides itself as the leader in Houston Modern Patio Homes. Please call On Point at 713-600-2422 to schedule a meeting a view your options.