Last year, bright colors started emerging more and more in residential homes, but most were used on accent walls in living rooms or as a simple focal point in the kitchen. It was evident at the 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show this year, modern home colors are becoming bolder, brighter and a little funkier than ever before. On Point Custom Homes’ CEO, John Leggett, explains in this Houston Business Journal article that incorporating bold colors in the home takes inspiration from corporate commercial properties. Companies like Google popularized the usage of vibrant colors and funky designs, such as 3D textured walls, and now more modern homebuilders are bringing those designs into residential properties.

On Point still uses greys and whites as our dominant backdrop in our houses, but textured tile walls, bright colored vent hoods and stoves, and even rose gold faucets are taking more of center stage in our coming designs. The opportunity to add pops of bold, bright colors in a home doesn’t stop with paint choices. Faucets, kitchen appliances, tiled walls and even cabinet fixtures are available in bolder colors beyond standard metals.

Expect to see modern homes adding pops of reds, greens and blues into kitchens by matching colored vent hoods to a colored stove. Check out the colorful options from Smeg, a brand leading the force behind this trend who we met with at the International Business Show last month.

Say goodbye to basic stainless steel appliances or fixtures. Many homeowners will trade those in for a brighter color or a different type of material, such as rose gold or black matte. Our selections coordinator, Tiffany, couldn’t get enough of these colorful facets.

Our team is excited to see this colorful trend take off in modern homes. Adding vibrant, bold colors and incorporating non-traditional metals adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any home.