When it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops, granite has historically been the leading material used. However, last year more and more designers and homebuilders started utilizing  quartz in their homebuilding plans.  In 2017, we are going to continue to see more modern homes incorporating various colors and patterns of quartz into the designs. While On Point has being using quartz more frequently in our plans, our team noticed the trends increase in popularity when we were at the 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show last month.

Clean lines and simplistic designs are keys to creating a modern house, and quartz countertops are the perfect addition to emulate this look. On Point Custom Homes’ CEO, John Leggett, shares more about the trend of using quartz in homes, as well as six more prevalent builder trends for 2017 in this Houston Chronicle article.

In the past, granite has been the more popular choice, primarily because of the cost per square foot; however, quartz is now available at a more affordable price at about $80 per square foot. In comparison, granite is approximately $75 per foot and marble is about $85 per foot.

Our selections coordinator, Tiffany Trask, loves that more homeowners are requesting quartz countertops because of the overall appearance and flexibility it brings to a space. Quartz looks like real stone, but is actually a blend of chunks of stone with resins and colorings. This allows homeowners to choose from a variety of color options when we consult with them on their finishing selections. The appearance of swirls in the quartz is a beautiful flattering look in any kitchen or bathroom without being overly distracting or bold, like granite.

Additionally, quartz is much more resistant to scratches, chips and stains, keeping your kitchen or bathroom in tip top shape! In fact, quartz is much easier to maintain than granite or marble, which require special cleaners because they are much more delicate and prone to stains.

Our team has been using quartz in our homes for many years (we must be trend setters!) and we are excited to see the popularity of the material rise. This beautiful, clean addition brightens any room and adds a touch of luxury to the entire house.