The bathroom is meant to be an oasis or an escape, if you will, for all homeowners. It’s the place you go at the end of a long day to soak your cares away in a bathtub, or relax in a hot shower. It’s also the place you start your day and get ready in the morning. You want it to be a blissful and relaxing space in your house.

In addition to the trend of adding a touch of luxury to the countertops by using quartz instead of granite, we are continuing to upgrade our modern bathrooms by including more sleek and elegant designs and features. At On Point Custom Homes, we pride ourselves in creating a luxurious oasis for our homeowners in their bathrooms, and we are thrilled to see this trend increase in popularity with added technology and impressive fixtures.

While attending the 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show last month, our team saw multiple vendors and displays feature more efficient, tech-savvy and beautiful additions in bathrooms.

We’re loving the simplicity of installing single or double rain heads that are installed in the ceiling, as opposed to several shower heads on the walls. Having water fall from one central area keeps the shower design sleek and elegant, while being efficient on water consumption.

Modern bathrooms are featuring technology more than ever before. Our team consults with clients to create a spa-like oasis in the bathroom by installing more sophisticated digital controllers and television screens inside the shower, giving the homeowner the ability to set the water temperature to their liking, watch television, control speaker volume and even change the light colors. This experience truly rivals one you could have at a spa!

Finally, one design touch our selections coordinator, Tiffany Trask, loves to add to a bathroom is the freestanding bathtub. Homeowners can use their appliance to decorate their bathroom as it becomes more than just a tub. It’s a statement piece! Additionally, we are loving the pendant shower head created by Delta. It is a daring, bold design that looks more like a piece of art, or a fixture or chandelier.

Our team has been designing and building modern bathroom oasis spaces for many years and we can’t wait to continue incorporating more advancements in our luxurious bathroom designs. Our goal is to create the perfect home for our clients, and the bathroom is a perfect place to start.