What defines a Houston modern home?

Houston itself is really a very old city, first founded in 1836 and then incorporated the very next year. It has modest beginnings until 1901 when it became a major oil producing area as well as a railway hub. The increasing workforce that these two types of industry brought into the then small town led to very rapid growth and the demand for both economic and luxury types of homes. Houston modern homes are not considered to be these original structures, although many of the plantation style mansions still gloriously line the streets of the older parts of the city. Some of the refurbished and renovated original or mid-century homes are now coming on the market and they have all the features one would expect in a fully modern 21st century home.

Houston modern homes tend to feature cutting edge design and finishes. Even renovated or remodeled older homes can be incorporate a modern interior. If you are contemplating building a new home or remodeling your existing home, please give On Point Custom Homes a call at 713-600-2422.