Why are NAHB designations important?

You may have seen a builder with initials after their name on a business card and often asked what that pertains to. It likely is an accreditation earned through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). These accreditations demonstrate a builders commitment to continuing education, customer service and an overall understanding of today’s dynamic home building industry.

On Point Custom Homes commitment to these ideals is recognized in our staff’s ability to earn Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) degrees through the NAHB. We encourage all staff to commit to classes each year to further their understanding of the changing business climate we are engaged in. Additionally, staff attend trade shows, vendor round-tables and various local home builder association education opportunities. As a top Houston custom home builder, On Point Custom Homes stresses the importance of building a house that meets today’s demands and will continue its commitment to stay ahead of the building curve.