Why is quartz gaining popularity in Houston homes?

On Point Custom Homes uses quartz in many of our modern Houston homes. Clients often ask why we use quartz…there are many reasons, but let’s cover some of the top reasons.

1) We believe quartz gives a more modern touch to a contemporary style home than granite. It has a clean overall feel and modern enthusiasts seem to be gravitating toward quartz countertops.

2) Ease of mainteance. Quite simply On Point Custom Homes recommends a damp cloth with warm water and soap to wipe down quartz. No reason to worry about deep stains from grease or other products.

3) No need to seal it. Quartz is non-porous so there is no need for a sealer now or in the future.

If you have any other quartz questions…let On Point Custom Homes know and we will do our best to answer them!