If you follow the adventures of On Point on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve probably heard the news already, but if not, we’re excited to share that our team brought home some new hardware from the Texas Association of Builders! And by hardware, we mean awards, although we probably brought back some actual hardware samples, too.

Garrett, Tiffany and Ashley spent the last half of last week in Dallas attending the Sunbelt Builders Show put on by the Texas Association of Builders. The highlight of the trip was the STAR Award Show, which recognizes excellence in all areas of the home building industry. With more than 500 entries, the STAR awards are the largest award show in the state and On Point was pleased to take home three new awards! Take a look below to see what we won and browse photos from each project!

Best Architectural Design
Best Master Bedroom
Best Special Promotion for our playhouse partnership with Ronald McDonald
Many congrats and thanks to our awesome team for their hard work and success.

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