After two years away, our team finally made it to the 2022 International Building Show to see what the building world has been up to over the last few years! We learned about the latest trends in design and we kept our eyes peeled for the latest and greatest tech and product releases.
While IBS + KBIS usually are overwhelmed with new product launches, one of our most surprising takeaways this year, was the lack in new product innovation. While everyone has been hit with the struggling supply chains, companies have had to put new product development on the backburner. While we certainly understand that maintaining the current product availability has been a rollercoaster over the last two years, it’s still hard to come to grips with the fact that innovation has been put on hold. Although the new product launches were fewer and farther between, we did get to see some new products that are available now or scheduled to launch in 2022!

1. GE Profile Smart Microwave

GE previously had a Smart Venthood that acted as a Technology HUB for your home, but homeowners thought “what about the microwave?” Forecasting launch at the end of 2022, GE Profile Smart Microwave acts as a Smart Hub, Venthood, and Microwave. Hunter got to test it out and says “you can follow recipes, answer your smart doorbell, even watch a TV series…all while heating your leftovers!”

2. Concrete 3D Printer

Peri Construction has developed a 3D concrete printer. Whether we will see these entering the residential space more, this is a huge step toward the use of 3D printing in the building industry. Just think of all the things we could make out of concrete!

3. On-Site Temporary Internet

Technology continues to improve year after year and more and more products have wifi-enabled features. Easy enough when you’re installing these products into an existing home where wifi and internet service is already installed. It gets trickier to get these products set up when you’re on a job site that has no internet. We already install temporary power poles to get the build started, but there are talks that temporary internet poles may not be that far behind. Wouldn’t our PMs love to have wifi on all our job sites. It may come sooner than we think as products evolve and demand it.
Although the industry has taken a hit in product development, we are excited for the plans this year and expect to have new advancements coming in 2023!

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