Accounting Manager

After finishing high school in Vietnam, Le and her family migrated to the US in 2006. Having to start over and re-learn everything from language to culture and lifestyle, she learned that perseverance and hard work is nothing to be afraid of. Le studied at the University of Houston while working full-time to fund her education. Shortly after graduating from college, she started her career in the Oil & Gas industry and slowly work her way up the corporate ladder. With a knack for numbers and love of problem-solving, she was well served in the world of accounting.

Le joined the On Point family in 2019 and is no stranger to the world of home building remodeling industry as her husband is a real estate agent in the industry. Le believes nothing is more important than living in a house that you love coming home to!

When she’s not crunching numbers at the office, you can find her in the kitchen cooking! Despite managing a busy schedule, Le always gathers the family to enjoy dinner together.