Tiffany is a very passionate person whose first love is architecture, and she knew by the age of twelve that her career would be focused on it. She inherited the gift from her mother, and grandfather who worked in architecture and engineering, respectively.

Inspired by the arts and crafts movement where materials and connections are executed impeccably, her process is very focused and driven to achieve excellence in all the details that really make a space flow while optimizing the function and design seamlessly. Deriving those principles from renowned Architects Sullivan and Wright, Tiffany specializes in combining the artistic and logical to find that perfect balance for her clients. There is nothing quite like the joy on a client’s face when they get to see their vision come to life and enjoy their new home!

Not satisfied with the typical or expected, she applied this same vision and experience when building her own house. Still constrained by budgets, she took known forms and materials then molded them to suit the specific needs of her family.

When she isn’t focused on something architectural she can be found in a myriad of places. It may be on a bicycle around town, behind a camera, in the garden, in the kitchen cooking and baking, or in her hobby room working on arts, crafts, and sewing projects.

Being born in a time of exponential technological advancements, she is intrigued by new ideas and what the future holds.