Will was born and raised in Northwest Houston. From a young age he enjoyed taking apart and rebuilding anything he could get his hands on. This combined with his predilection for art prompted him to take drafting classes and led to his passion for Architecture. Will went on to get his Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, where he focused on designing sustainable architecture with a Texas climate in mind.

After graduating, Will came home to Houston to begin his professional work. He spent his first few years designing affordable multi-family housing, as well as remodels for single-family houses, before Will decided he wanted to have a part in building new spaces tailored toward specific clients. It is his hope to design spaces that not only personally resonate with his clients, but are also able to integrate seamlessly into the climate of the Bayou City.

In his spare time, Will enjoys running or biking along Buffalo Bayou, as well as spending time on the patio with his wife, their two cats, and a good book.