Top 5 Cool Finds from IBS + KBIS 2024

The KBIS + International Builder Show 2024 was a whirlwind of excitement, showcasing some seriously cool stuff for the home! Let’s take a peek at the top five products that caught our eye – they’re not just innovative, they’re downright fun!

1. SAVANT POWER SYSTEM – Savant Power Storage Electrical Panel with Savant Power Modules and Savant Level 2 EV Charger

Who knew energy management could be so cool? The Savant Power System is like the superhero of your home’s energy needs. With its savvy Power Modules, you’re in total control of your energy consumption, plus you get a nifty Level 2 EV Charger for your electric ride. It’s like having your own power party!

The Savant Power System offers homeowners a comprehensive solution for managing energy consumption, storage, and electric vehicle charging. With its Savant Power Modules, homeowners can monitor and control their energy usage with precision, receiving instant notifications and flexible control options even during grid outages. Moreover, the Savant Power Storage system provides ample storage capacity, backed by a long battery life and a generous 10-year warranty. Paired with the Savant Level 2 EV Charger, which boasts quick and convenient at-home charging for electric vehicles, this system represents a holistic approach to energy management and sustainability.

2. PITT Integrated Cooktops

Say hello to the kitchen of the future with PITT Integrated Cooktops! These bad boys don’t just cook – they perform culinary magic. With their integrated gas system and a trio of burners (including one for your wok or simmering needs), you’ll be cooking up a storm in style. Plus, you can customize the knobs placement, so your kitchen looks as sleek as it cooks!

PITT Integrated Cooktops redefine kitchen functionality with their innovative design and superior performance. Featuring an integrated gas cooking system and three different burners—including a combined wok/simmer burner—these cooktops offer unparalleled versatility and precision cooking. With the option for top or side countertop placement of the control knobs, homeowners can customize their cooking space to suit their preferences seamlessly. Available in a range of finishes including black, gold, chrome, and nickel, PITT Integrated Cooktops combine functionality with elegance, making them a standout addition to any modern kitchen.

3. Kohler SpaViva Hand shower with four attachments

Get ready to turn your bathroom into a spa oasis with the Kohler SpaViva Hand shower! This isn’t your average showerhead – it’s a pampering experience. With its fancy Katalyst spray and microbubble magic, you’ll feel like you’re getting a spa facial in the shower! And those interchangeable attachments? They’re like having your own personal masseuse.

The Kohler SpaViva Hand shower delivers a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. Featuring a heat-retaining Katalyst spray and a microbubble spray that jets out bubbles 100 microns or smaller, this hand shower offers a rejuvenating hydrofacial-style cleanse. With interchangeable attachments—including exfoliating, massaging, and pumice scrubbing—users can tailor their shower experience to their preferences. The spinning mechanism recharges through a magnetic dock, ensuring uninterrupted relaxation and indulgence.

4. Tenzo Faucet Wall mounted faucet with retractable hose

Who says tub faucets have to be boring? Not the folks at Tenzo! Their wall-mounted faucet with a retractable hose is the epitome of chic. It swivels, it retracts, what else do you need?! The Tenzo Faucet redefines home aesthetics with its sleek design and innovative features. Featuring a swivel faucet with knob controls and a retractable handheld faucet, this wall-mounted fixture offers both style and functionality. Think Pot Filler but with a chic luxurious touch, and for your tub! The retractable hose ensures a flush-mounted design, minimizing clutter and maximizing space. Available in a variety of finishes, including black, gold, chrome, and nickel, the Tenzo Faucet adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom space.

5. Pella® Steady Set Window Installation

Installing windows just got a whole lot more fun with Pella® Steady Set Window Installation! Seriously, who knew windows could be this exciting? With its lightning-fast installation and fewer people needed, you’ll be popping in windows like a pro. We even had our very own Project Coordinator, Hunter, install one in less than 3 minutes – now that’s some speedy window action!

The Pella® Steady Set Window Installation system revolutionizes window installation with its speed and efficiency. Offering a 3.15x faster installation than standard fin installation systems, and requiring 50% fewer people for installation, this system streamlines the construction process without compromising on quality. In a remarkable demonstration, a team member installed the window in less than 3 minutes, showcasing its ease of use and effectiveness.

In a nutshell, the products featured at KBIS + International Builder Show 2024 aren’t just practical – they’re downright fun! From energy superheroes to kitchen magicians and spa-like showers, these top five products bring a whole lot of pizzazz to homebuilding. So, get ready to add some serious flair to your home – the future is looking mighty cool! If you missed our Highlights from the trip, be sure to take a look at our Blog post for FUTURE OF HOME DESIGN: HIGHLIGHTS FROM KBIS AND IBS 2024!

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