After two years, the International Building Show “IBS” is back! Earl, Robert, Ashley and Hunter took a trip to Orlando to see what the building world has been up to over the last few years!. From live sessions to new product launches, IBS and KBIS “Kitchen + Bath Show” is how On Point stays ahead of the building curve bringing the newest technology and product offerings to our clients! We spent 3 days learning and have so much to share!

Here are the Top 5 Design and Building Trends to Look Out For in 2022:

1. Minimalism, Biophilic, and Warmer Tones

Although Maximalism is starting to come back in new designs, minimalism is still the top design aesthetic. Minimalist designs are starting to go towards natural fabrics and textures. Adding more Biophilic elements to bring the outside inside. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are both using a “neutral” green as their 2022 Color of the Year.
While minimalism is still top of the design game, it is starting to change tones. In recent years Gray and White have been the color focus for almost all rooms. Designers are forecasting warmer tones and nature designs as the newest hottest trend. Quartz is still a favorite countertop option up due to its availability, affordability, and variety as the designs continue to get more and more like natural stones. In both natural stones and quartz, warmer veining and undertones are being added to create a more calming look.
Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog (left), Benjamin Moore October Mist (right)
Fun fact! Both companies consider these green colors neutrals. Their resonating? All flowers have a greens stem, so therefore green goes with everything making it a perfect neutral tone. Turns out we’re so on trend! Check out 517 Malone to see how we incorporated green tones. It’s available! see how we incorporated green tones. It’s available!

2. Uniqueness and Color

With white and grey out of the way, homeowners want to incorporate more color! Adding pops of color and pattern to designs to make a stand-out home with personality and uniqueness. Accent metals like a gold fixture or hardware, give the warmer tones that are coming back, while also adding an accent to the room. Bringing in travel-inspired pieces creates the eclectic feel that people have missed over the past few years while travel has been limited. This also plays into the trending theme of Maximalism (think crazy wallpaper, lots of art, bright crazy colors!)

3. Flex Spaces

With people working from home more frequently, the need for smart, flexible spaces is becoming more important than ever before. Whether that be using your garage as a gym or your guest room as an office, the need for multifunctional spaces is taking over. Some architects are getting more creative with this idea and instead of changing a full room, they are starting to use less-utilized spaces in a more creative way and marking them as “memory points” in the home. Like adding a desk nook under the stairs or using furniture to split a room into two different zones.
Image credit: loricaldwelldesigns.com

4. Solar Panels

Energy efficiency is always a hot topic of discussion in home building. Whether that be composting, switching to energy star appliances, or solar panels, companies all over are looking at the question, “How do we make things more energy efficient?” GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar Kit won IBS Most Innovative Construction Tool at this years show, and they have the answer to that very question. Described as “Energy for Every Roof”, GAF has made a roof system that directly integrates solar technology into traditional lighter weight roofer materials and processes. Using their nail-able solar shingle blends the panels into the roof shingles without losing the integrity or aesthetics of the roof.

5. Home Technology

While home technology is nothing new, brands are starting to change the look to make it more classy and less bulky. Sleeker and more conspicuously designed smart technology is being developed to not distract from the overall design of the home. Another change is making these Smart products true home automation. Instead of reactive – i.e. being triggered by a command or timer, they are trending toward pro-active – or automated to read the room. Ecobee has created sensors that can detect whether a room is occupied and adjust according to the activity it senses. If the room is unoccupied, it can turn the AC off and if the room is occupied, it can be set to turn the AC on, without a single command spoken. This type of proactive automation will allow the sunrise to open your curtains, disarm your alarm and even start your morning coffee. Amazing or frightening? We can’t decide!

The team spent the week looking at all the new, or not so new, trends in the industry and these are just a small taste of our favorite. Overall, the trip was a huge success and the team cannot wait to share all our new ideas with our homeowners! Stay tunes to see more updates from the trip!

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