One thing all Texans can agree on is just how unpredictable the weather here can be. Knowing how to navigate these weather changes when it comes to maintaining a yard can become a huge hassle for homeowners. However, there are many landscaping options that can eliminate or reduce the need for serious maintenance in your yard.
Turf is a great option for those looking for a virtually maintenance-free yard. Making the decision to install turf instead of grass in your yard may seem costly, however, you actually end up saving far more in the long run when you eliminate the need for sprinkler systems or yard work. Along with the long-term savings that come with turf, you are able to make sure you have a yard that can hold up against almost any weather that comes your way. No matter the season, turf ensures that you have a beautiful, green yard year-round.
While there are many realistic turf options to choose from, some still prefer the look and feel of real grass and plants. That is where xeriscaping comes in. With xeriscaping, plants and grasses are selected that are designed to withstand unpredictable weather patterns with little watering needed. This allows homeowners to have all the benefits of a beautifully landscaped yard without all of the time-consuming maintenance that typical landscaping requires. If xeriscaping is the route you chose to take, On Point will help create a beautiful landscaping design using low-water plants and beautiful rock beds to create a calming and hassle-free yard.
Additionally, On Point always installs a digitally controlled sprinkler system which ensures that your yard receives the amount of watering it needs without having to think about it. The sprinkler system also includes foundation moisture control to increase the stability of your home long term.
No matter what route you choose to take, On Point ensures that your yard will be hassle-free and taken care of year-round in the most cost-efficient way.

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